Daisy Do

Designer|Creator | Maker

💡Creator in online business/startups.🧠 Experienced in MVP and business design.🤝 Open to partnerships and collaboration.

Shipped 🚀

🚩 For AI startups and makers, simplify AI product launch

🎯 Improve AI product's visibility and gain quality backlinks

🔧 Softr.io | Airtable|Notion

👀 Open to partnerships

🚩 For Makers and Entrepreneurs

🎯 Niche down business idea with smart AI for the winning niche

🔧 Vercel

🤔️ How to monetize or pivot it?



🚩 For Indie Makers & Hackers

🎯 Listing of maker portfolios & maker tools

📝 Next to do: Ideation validation & MVP

On the journey of creation,
sometimes it works, and often it doesn't.
But, hey, you just keep going!
Never stop moving forward.
Keep tweaking, keep trying new things.
Cause that's the game! 🎮